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Sheri Armor is an extremely gifted healer, guide and channel. She is one of the few who actually live and walk their talk. She brings forward a powerful healing energy that is truly transformative. Sheri is clear that she is here to to empower others to tap into their own infinite source of  healing, empowerment and knowledge. Sheri worked on my chakra alignment and it was truly one of the most powerful healing experiences I have had on my chakras.  As an intuitive myself I was acutely aware of the energy she was bringing through for me and it was always an incredible stream of healing, grace filled, love light. Thank you Sheri for shining your light in this world.
Aine Carsile

Aine Carlisle


I was suffering from several stress related conditions after caring for my ill husband for over 3 years. I was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia and high blood pressure just to name a few. I had never had a Reiki treatment before but was open to the possibility after hearing about the benefits. Sheri was very professional and explained the process very thoroughly. She placed her hands approximately 6 inches above my body and worked from my feet to the top of my head. I could feel warm tingling sensations and quickly fell asleep as it was very relaxing. After 3 sessions I was feeling much better and my blood pressure was almost back to normal. Sheri gave me a routine to practice at home to help keep my stress levels down. I continued to see Sheri over the course of one year and I am happy to report my heart problems never surfaced again and eventually after being given a clean bill of health by my doctor,  I was even able to get off most of the my meds.  I highly recommend Sheri to anyone looking for a sensitive, kind and gifted professional to help restore their overall health and well being.

Carmen Patterson


Sheri came to my home and did what she called a "clearing". I went through a challenging divorce and was still  living in the home where much negative energy had accumulated. Both my son and I were having trouble sleeping well there, but after the clearing I immediately noticed a difference in how peaceful and calm my home felt....I hardly recognized it!   My son even noticed the change and has been sleeping better ever since. Amazing!  We are so grateful 

Julie Nun


I am a believer! I went to Sheri to see if there was something she could do to help me sleep better. I was waking up very early and was not able to get back to sleep. After just one session I slept all the way through the night!   Reiki for me seemed to help calm my nervous system. After one session not only was I sleeping better, I also felt more relaxed.
Thank you Sheri!

Kay Conneely


I got in touch with Sheri because my elderly cats were both having digestive problems. Working remotely, she determined that the male cat had some emotional issues, which she released for him, and that the other had an upset tummy, as well as emotional triggers. My female cat promptly threw up a hairball the following day, is eating like a champ, and my male cat has not thrown up since. After their healings, I was inspired to add a couple of supplements to their diet. They are both doing great!
Sheri has also done remote healings for me, and I always feel calm afterwards, and sleep well. She is definitely a powerful tool in my tool box for getting through thorny issues.

Jan Philips

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